Carpet Cleaning
We provide a full range of carpet cleaning services, from dry cleaning (powder) through low moisture systems, to the most common which is hot water extraction (sometimes incorrectly referred to as steam cleaning).

Dry cleaning using a powder impregnated with dry cleaning solvents is only recommended for light soiling situations, but can be very effective with zero drying times. This system can be used on water sensitive fibres e.g. silk, seagrass, sisal etc.

Low moisture cleaning using a ‘Dry Fusion’ heated rotary cleaning machine, can be used in a domestic situation on water sensitive carpets, e.g. Belgian Wilton, but is more normally used in commercial environments such as hotels, schools, offices etc. Carpets are dry in 30 minutes.

For most domestic situations, 'hot water extraction' (HWE) is recommended, and the process we follow is a 6 step process;

1. Pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned using a commercial 2 motor vacuum cleaner. This includes moving most items of furniture such as sofas and tables etc. Heavy items such as sideboards and bookcases are normally left in-situ and we clean around them. This also applies to TV systems due to the complex wiring.

2. Apply a pressurised and heated Pre-spray cleaning solution onto the carpet which is best suited to the carpet fibres and level of soiling.

3. Agitate the pre-spray solution into the carpet fibres, to allow the soiling to be softened and detached from the carpet fibres. The solution is left to dwell for 10 minutes to work.

4. The powerful truckmount extraction machine is then used to rinse out and extract the soiling, this uses a high pressure heated cleaning solution, which is introduced into the carpet fibres, and then immediately extracted back into the machine. The actual machine is fitted in our van, and only a hose runs into the room being cleaned. For flats or where there is no suitable access a portable extraction machine will be used.

5. Any remaining spots or stains are treated with an appropriate stain remover.

6. The carpet is then dried as far as possible with a powerful air mover/fan. Any wood or metal furniture legs are put on protective pads, supplied free, to avoid staining. Overshoes can also be supplied free, if you need to walk on the carpet immediately. The carpet pile is groomed, if necessary, to reset the pile.
Optionally, a stain protector can be applied, this treatment is only recommended for wool or wool mix carpets.

Rug cleaning
Rug cleaning is similar to carpet cleaning, but will vary according to whether the rug is modern or oriental and fibre type. Most rugs will be taken away and cleaned by hand off-site, fully dried and returned in a protective wrapper.

Upholstery Cleaning
The cleaning process is very similar to carpet cleaning, using the same extraction machine, but with different tools specifically designed for cleaning upholstery and keeping the wetting to a minimum. Air movers are used to reduce drying times.

Stain Removal:
If you are unfortunate to have a spill on your carpet or upholstery, then please contact us as soon as possible for advice. The use of some supermarket stain removers can set the stain or even make it worse so please contact us first. We will be happy to advise how most stains can be removed or at the very least improved.

Leather Cleaning & Restoration:
Leather sofas and armchairs have become very popular over the last 5-10 years and will give many years service if maintained correctly. Unfortunately there is a misconception that leather furniture is maintenance free – this is definitely Not the case.
Because leather was a living fibre, it deteriorates unless it is carefully maintained. Over time, exposure to the sun and your central heating will cause your leather furniture to dry out and lose its flexibility. As the ageing process continues, leather hardens, then cracks, causing permanent damage. Uncared for leather dulls, absorbs body oils and dirt and can look and feel grubby.
We can carefully hand clean your leather furniture using top quality products to lift the grime, and restore its natural colour. The conditioner/protector will feed your leather, and put back the natural oils lost over time. This will prevent cracking and restore the original suppleness.
If there are signs of cracking or colour loss in leather, then restoration will probably be required. We are trained by one of the country’s leading companies in leather restoration, and use only the finest products to restore leather to its original glory. This may be performed on-site in most situations but for major restorations removal of the item may be necessary.

Please contact us for further information or to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.


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